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Kitchen & Bathroom Electricians

There comes a time in the life of every home when some attention needs to be given to refurbishing, modernising, upgrading or refitting the kitchen and bathroom/s.

These hugely important rooms suffer a lot of wear and tear, and with the march of progress in fashion and technology, they become out of date before we know it.

Here at SMB Electrical we are often called in to undertake electrical work in kitchen and bathroom renovations in Trowbridge and beyond. Even if you decide to refit your kitchen and/or bathroom yourself with a new suite, cabinets and appliances, you need to have professional, qualified and registered electricians such as ourselves to do any electrical work or new electrical installations.

Electrical work in kitchens and bathrooms is a highly specialised job. Bathrooms, particularly, are extremely dangerous as far as electrical safety is concerned. Water and electricity can be a deadly combination. If you experience an electric shock in a bathroom, wet room or shower room the consequences can be severe because wet skin reduces the body’s resistance.

In kitchens the danger is mainly that of fires; more than half of all accidental house fires start in the kitchen and many are put down to misuse or mis-fitting of electrical appliances.

Some of the points to note when it comes to electrical safety in kitchens and bathrooms – or in fact any rooms where there are water sources such as taps and showers – are:
  • Electric sockets must be fitted at least three metres from sinks, baths or showers, which in most small bathrooms usually makes this impossible. Shaver sockets (also used for electric toothbrushes) are permitted in wet areas with an appropriate transformer.

  • Enclosed ceiling lights are safer than pendant lights, and pull cords are used in bathrooms to turn on lights rather than to switch plates.
  • Avoid electric heaters in wet areas – central heating is safer.
  • Electric showers need to have their power supplied on their own circuit from the fuse board.
  • Keep portable appliances like hairdryers and radios out of the bathroom.
  • Never use switches or any electrical equipment with wet hands.
  • Make sure the leads on hot appliances like kettles, toasters and irons are in good condition.
  • As qualified local electricians in Wiltshire we have a great sense of responsibility towards the safety of our clients when it comes to refitting and refurbishing kitchens and bathrooms. Shoddy work is just not an option! You can rely on us to go above and beyond when it comes to complying with best practice and health and safety regulations, from the lighting to the heated towel rail. Our electrical engineers are NICEIC registered and therefore qualified to self-certify our work, giving you a certificate of Part P compliance and notifying the local building control body on completion of the work. We’re proud to say our work is recognised as being of extremely high quality, and we have a long list of satisfied customers built up over more than 10 years in business to testify to the fact. You can count on SMB Electrical to put your safety first, and do an impeccable job when it comes to installing the electrics for your refitted kitchen and bathroom. Give us a call today for a free no-obligation quotation.

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    T: 01225 777041

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    Contact Us

    • T: 01225 777041
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